7 July 2011

Dr. Paul Swingle's NEW Grand Rounds

Dr. Paul G. Swingle
We are pleased to welcome back Dr. Paul Swingle for another series of Grand Rounds! Our grand rounds sessions are an ideal way to expand your knowledge about a specific topic or method. They are presented in an interactive format in which participants have the opportunity to present case studies to Dr. Swingle for review. And, because the classes are taught online, you can attend from the comfort of your home or office.

The Thursday sessions are ideal for users of the BFE QuickQ and BrainDryvr suite with the ProComp/BioGraph Infiniti system. Dr. Swingle welcomes and encourages professionals using other hardware/software platforms to attend as well. The Tuesday sessions focus on the use of Mind Work Station software with Infiniti. Dates for the summer and fall sessions are as follows:

QuickQ & BrainDryvr - Dr. Swingle and Associates
Thursday's 3:00 - 4:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) 
SUMMER SERIES:  July 14th | August 11th | September 15th
FALL SERIES: October 13th | November 10th | December 8th

Infiniti & Mind Work Station - Elizabeth Tegan & Dr. Swingle
Tuesday's 11:00 - 12:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)
SUMMER SERIES: July 12th | August 9th | September 13th
FALL SERIES: October 11th | November 8th | December 6th

The price for each 3-session series is $149.00 USD. To register, click here or visit the BFE Online Shop at http://www.bfe.org/buy/

Some feedback from past sessions...

"A few months ago, I became an affiliate with Dr. Swingle’s BFE team and greatly benefited from the teaching, supervision and webinars. I appreciate your "expert suites" that provide assessment ability supported by screens that "work". I am especially very pleased with the online case study discussions with experts. Over the years, following a 2-3 day workshop, I found myself in great need of "integration" when back in my office struggling with challenges from peculiar clients. The monthly meetings online with Dr. Swingle provide wonderful occasions to bring, as they come, these specific concerns to the "expert" and receive his insightful comments. This increases my efficiency with my clients making me feel and look very good!!! It also widens my understanding as I listen to other professionals' present their own unique set of challenges followed by Dr Swingle's point of view and input on how to address them. All that in the comfort of my office at convenient time slots!"
Dr. Suzanne Day

"I have got to say that the Quick Q is really amazing. I thank Dr. Paul Swingle for this. I have seen amazing changes in one of my students after doing only a few neurofeedback sessions that were done after doing a Quick Q and having Dr. Swingle give me advice at one of his Grand Rounds group sessions on-line. This student is also working on heart rate coherence and hand temperature. The combination has been great. Releasing alpha in the back of the head made a huge difference."
Meredith Caplan, LH

Thanks to all participants who joined us for the last session and shared their knowledge with others. We look forward to seeing you at the next session and are always glad to welcome newcomers. Remember, space is limited so register early.

6 July 2011

TLC Assessment and Integrated Neurofeedback Training

Peter Van Deusen
Next week we are happy to welcome Peter Van Deusen and Dr. Francois Dupont to lead an online grand rounds session on TLC Assessment and Integrated Neurofeedback Training.

TLC Assessment and Integrated Neurofeedback Training
Monday, July 11, 2011
9:00 - 10:00 Eastern Time 
(New York & Canada)

Dr. Dupont
This session is ideal for users of the BFE Infiniti for The Learning Curve software suite with the ProComp Infiniti system. Peter will present a few case studies, then will open up the meeting to participants who will have a chance to discuss their own challenging cases with Peter. Dr. Dupont will be on hand throughout the session to answer questions related to the TLC software suite as well as the BFE Integrated Neurofeedback suite.

The price to attend this new session is $49.00 USD.
To register, click here or visit our online shop at: http://www.bfe.org/buy/

Whether you are just getting started with the software or are an experienced user, you will benefit from the interactive format of these sessions. Class size is limited so register early!

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