17 August 2012

Have you registered for the BFE Annual Meeting?

The BFE conference is just around the corner. We are working on the final details for the workshops, the scientific day and the gala dinner and have a few surprises planned as well!

Thank you to everyone who has already registered. This is the first time we will be hosting a conference in Poland and we are looking forward to welcoming all the participants from the region and also those of you coming from afar! A special thanks to Dr. Rafal Sztembis for all the work he is doing in Poland to make the meeting a success.

There are still spaces in all the workshops, though many are filling up quickly so we urge you to reserve your spot if you are planning to attend. This year's lineup includes:

Drs. Lynda and Michael Thompson
Introduction to the Practice of Neurofeedback: Assessment leads to Appropriate Intervention 

Heart - Brain Connections: Neuroanatomy Underlies the Effectiveness of Interventions that Combine Neurofeedback with Biofeedback 

Neuroanatomical Underpinnings for Optimal Performance Interventions: Foundations for Designing a Clinical Practice that Combines Neurofeedback with Biofeedback to Optimize Important Aspects of Mental and Psychophysiological Functioning in Order to Set-Up-for-Success

Dr. Marek Jantos 
Introduction to the Glazer SEMG Intrapelvic Assessment Protocol for OB-GYN

New Perspectives on Female Sexual Pain

Dr. Erik Peper 
Stress Management with Biofeedback

Breathing, Biofeedback and Related Mind-Body Interventions to Reduce Chronic Pain and Anxiety

Dr. Donald Moss
Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback: What is Heart Rate Variability? What is its Medical and Psychological Significance? How Can We Optimally Train Positive HRV Changes?

Dr. Francois Dupont
After an EEG Assessment: Integrated Neurofeedback

Dr. Howard Hall
How Therapeutic Language Enhances Pain Management and Biofeedback

Dr. C. Jean Mosley Hall
Preserving & Protecting Indigenous Sign Languages and Deaf Cultures

For full details, visit our website at http://www.bfe.org/meeting.html
Or, download our conference flyer here.

We hope you will join us and this great group of presenters this September in Poland!
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