26 April 2013

Integrative Medicine Software Suite

Integrative medicine is a patient centered approach that focuses on treating the person, not just the disease. Dr. Robert McCarthy recognizes the importance of doing just that. He has shared his expertise in the field with the BFE as part of its Learn From the Best program. In March, we released the Integrative Medicine software suite for Infiniti users.

The field of Integrative Medicine has grown considerably over the last decade. According to WebMD, “Both doctors and patients alike are bonding with the philosophy of integrative medicine and its whole-person approach - designed to treat the person, not just the disease. When asked about this holistic approach, Dr. McCarthy replied, “The contemporary philosophy of integrative medicine involves working directly in cooperation with traditional physicians and medical approaches. Working with the human being as one complex, interactive, biological, emotional and social system can result in enhanced health and well-being.”

Integrative Medicine Software Suite
This limited edition suite supports techniques utilized and developed by Dr. McCarthy throughout his 30 years providing assessment, diagnosis, remediation, and treatment for individuals with emotional, physical, neurological, and developmental problems. The additional documents included in this suite come directly from Dr. McCarthy’s clinic and provide a com-prehensive resource for clinicians that desire to set up their own state-of-the-art integrative medicine practice. The suite includes:
  • Psychophysiological profile assessment protocol (22min duration, with 15 activities)
  • Paradoxical Temperature Increase (PTI) assessment protocol (25min duration)
  • Excel reports that allow for easy interpretation of psychophysiological assessment and PTI assessment data (one for each protocol) and implementation of a training program.
  • Training screens categorized according to modalities, that are quick to initiate and structured to move from simple tasks to more complex training goals. Also some more specialized training screens are included for atypical training, including Z-Scores.
  • Suite documents containing over 60 files of technical & clinical information have been provided directly from Dr. McCarthy’s practice and provide any clinician with a foundation for starting their own state-of-the-art-integrative-medicine practice. 

Early Reviews of the Suite
"Dr. Robert McCarthy's Integrated Behavioral Medicine suite provides an extensive methodology for developing a very detailed psychological profile for patients. The results will allow the clinician-practitioner to know which peripheral and EEG based modalities are most relevant for biofeedback training and monitoring. Although psychophysiological profiles have been in existence since the 1940s this one is the most extensive developed so far."   - Joel F. Lubar Ph.D.

"Hats off to Dr. McCarthy on the creation of the new suite. After a thorough review of the Integrative Medicine Suite I would have to say that this is the most comprehensive suite in the BFE catalog. This is by far the best suite made available from BFE. The suite covers from initial intake, patient progress reports, simple and easy to use screens to HIPPA compliance, assessment, consent forms and more. This suite covers more than just basic screens. the written manuals plus clear and concise training screens make it something that ANY clinician using the P2 should have in their tool box."   - Brian Milstead, Bio-Medical Instruments Inc.

I am very impressed with the comprehensiveness and ease of use of Dr. Robert McCarthy's Integrated Behavioral Medicine suite. It helps clinicians to develop psychological profiles and clinical tests appropriate for a given patient. The integration of psychophysiology and EEG is important and this is the only suite that I know that is complete and readily usable. The manual is concise and well written and is an asset for any clinician. It will facilitate assessment and treatment and this is what the field of biofeedback needs.  - Robert W. Thatcher, Ph.D.

Introduction to the Integrative Medicine Suite
For information on the contents and features of the suite click on the video.

Introduction to Integrative Medicine Suite from Biofeedback Federation CIC on Vimeo.

About Dr. Robert McCarthy
Dr. Robert McCarthy is a Licensed and Board Certified Professional Counselor and Supervisor with over thirty-eight years experience in the assessment, diagnosis, remediation, and treatment of individuals with emotional, physical, neurological, and learning disorders. His work experience includes employment in a variety of public and private settings: County and State mental health programs, correctional facilities, educational institutions, and private practice.

Dr. McCarthy is Board Certified in Integrative Medicine by the American Association of Integrative Medicine (AAIM), a Master Addiction Counselor by the National Board for Certified Counselors, and a Board Certified Fellow in EEG and General Biofeedback with the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. Currently, Dr. McCarthy is Executive Clinical Director of McCarthy Counseling Associates, PA, and a Consulting Staff member of Grand Strand Regional Medical Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Upcoming Class and Case Conferences
We have just scheduled an online class for anyone in learning how the use the suite. Participants will have an opportunity to pose any questions they have to Dr. McCarthy. Also offered are case conferences during which Dr. McCarthy will present specific cases using his Integrative Medicine approach.

Integrative Medicine Online Class
Instructors: Jon Bale and Dr. Robert McCarthy
Date: June 10, 17, 24, 31, 2013
Time: 10:00-11:30 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Integrative Medicine Online Case Conferences
Host: Dr. Robert McCarthy
Date: May 20, 27, June 3, 2013
Time: 10:00 - 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Integrative Medicine Software Suite

For more information, feel free to contact the BFE Integrative Medicine team at reddrmccarthy@gmail.com.
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