11 March 2014

Adding Neurotherapy to Your Practice - The Swingle Method

On March 4th, Dr. Paul G. Swingle joined us online to present a webinar on "Adding Neurotherapy to Your Practice". He provided information on using his ClinicalQ and Braindriving methods as a great way to get started in the field.

Health professionals looking to "dip their toes" into proverbial pool that is neurofeedback are often quite overwhelmed by the field. Even with its expanding user-base, information can still be just as difficult to sift through, in search of tangible applications.

Popular questions that come up are always where do you start: Should it be with the theory of EEG utility, or basic clinical applications? Invest in biofeedback equipment and learn as-we-go, or collect volumes of literature for hours of analysis, before any commitment? Depending on the individual, there really is no clear answer and there are many approaches one can take.

Dr. Paul Swingle, a clinical leader in the field of neurotherapy, has helped introduce many therapists to the world of electrodes, brain waves and feedback training. His clinic in Vancouver, Canada, hosts several workshops every year to bring individual up to the level of neurofeedback practitioners.

The ClinicalQ & BrainDryvr method, as designed by Dr. Swingle over the last 40 years, provides an excellent introduction for professionals that desire to add neurofeedback into their practices. The method uses specific, quantified measurements of brain activity, compares them against recorded norms, and outlines how to go about shaping those brain waves to more desirable EEG patterns.

Seeing this need for professionals that want to learn about how neurotherapy can beneficial to their practice, Dr. Swingle presented a 1-hour webinar on that exact topic. Please feel free to watch the below presentation. We at the BFE hope it will give you an introduction to Dr. Swingle's methods and how they can be used to help you and your clients.

If would would like a PDF copy of the "Adding Neurotherapy to Your Practice" powerpoint used in the above video, please follow this link.

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