5 May 2014

Call for Webinar Submissions

As most of you know, the BFE hosts a variety of online sessions throughout the year, with the aim of giving therapists, psychologists, doctors and clinicians access to new knowledge regarding biofeedback and neurofeedback evaluation, training and measurement techniques, as well as new applications in the field. HRV and Hypnosis, by Maggie Minsk and Sue Intemann, Art and the Brain, by Dr. Paul G. Swingle, Tactical Breathing, by Dr. Henk Kraaijenhof and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) & Biofeedback by Dr. Richard Gevirtz are examples of previous webinars we hosted with the goal of giving attendees a new perspective on treatment and/or a new application for their practice.

Currently, we are searching for clinicians that are interested in presenting a 1-hour educational webinar on a particular facet of the biofeedback and neurofeedback field, to which they are currently making use. The idea is that webinar participants would come out of the presentation knowing a little more than when they came in, either in technical knowledge or direct application they can put to use in their practice.

Here is an example of potential webinars the BFE is interested in hosting:
· Applications of heart rate variability in particular therapies
· Synopsis on the subtypes of ADHD as assessed with EEG
· Skin conductance/GSR training to minimize the frequency of seizures in epileptics
· Muscle relaxation exercises for peak performance training with athletes.

Do you use bio/neurofeedback in your practice, but not in any way we have listed above? 
We would be very happy to hear about your idea for a presentation. Similarly, if you have any suggestions on what types of webinars you would like to see BFE present, please let us know.

Contact Us For More Information
All interested presenters should contact Jon Bale at research@bfe.org with a description of their presentation. We will respond to all reasonable applications, and no material will be shared with any outside parties without strict approval. All webinar presenters are paid for their time.

Please note: The BFE is interested in presentations which educate clinicians about a specific application in biofeedback/neurofeedback or a new method that clinicians can integrate into their current practice using the equipment they already own. Suggested presentations that are commercial in nature will not be accepted.

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