15 May 2015

Enhanced Feedback with Zukor's Air

Zukor Interactive burst into the biofeedback market several years ago, praised for their modern and engaging bio/neurofeedback game Zukor's Grind. Some of you might recall our review of this game in another blog post. Although an impressive start, Zukor Interactive wanted to broaden the appeal of video games and biofeedback to beyond Zukor Grind's primary demographic of young boys and skateboarding-enthusiasts. Their next installment for bio/neurofeedback games is a clear winner: Zukor's Air.

Features of the Game
Zukor's Air is a feedback game that involves flying a character across an endless ocean landscape. As with all feedback sessions, the client is hooked up to the desired biofeedback or neurofeedback sensors, and they start by selecting their avatar: the choices range from various birds, planes, mythical creatures and space ships. The session itself involves watching the feedback screen as their character flies endlessly into to horizon, while boats, islands, glaciers, planes, blimps and other combinations there-of go by. Although there's a massive variety of environmental features in the game, the primary goal of the game remains the same: an attentive feedback session without any jarring or overly-stimulating highlights. The skyline is beautiful, although not overwhelming; the surrounding landscapes and vessels are interesting, but not distracting.

As with Zukor's Grind, Zukor's Air allows for the customization of the features. Perhaps you want a simple training session, while flying over the rare iceberg, or perhaps you wan many different islands and volcanoes.

Feedback Keeps the Client on Course
As always, if the client is not able to maintain self-regulation, the game gently lets him or her know: either the plane diverts off from the chosen flight trajectory, missing the aerial targets and missing out on potential points, or the plane slows down and slowly falls toward the water. If the client continuously fails to meet the training criteria, the session automatically stops. Whether performing EEG biofeedback for anxiety or attention, or more relaxing heart rate variability training session, the Zukor's Air provides simple, ideal gaming environment.

Multiple "Levels" to Unlock
The game's primary reward of collecting points for self-regulation is put to good use by the expansion of a secondary reward system: unlocking of new characters. Once a player collects enough points (the primary reward) across multiple sessions, they get to unlock a new character. Younger clients (and their parents) will be very familiar with this system as is mirrors the current trends in standard video games.

The selection screen for choosing your character - do you prefer the bald eagle or the helicopter?

If any of you are interested in learning more about Zukor's Air, click here to check out the game in action. If you have questions, feel free to send us an email at shop@bfe.org. And remember, any clinician interested in purchasing Zukor's Air from the BFE is entitled to a 30-minute introductory session on the game with Jon Bale, the BFE's research manager.

Zukor's Air
Available Now in the BFE Online Shop

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