14 December 2012

Coping With Workplace Stress During the Holiday Season

I recently read a timely article by Judy Martin in Forbes magazine on "5 Keys to Transform Workplace Holiday Stress from the Inside Out". (Read the full article here.) This time of year can be even more hectic than usual with "out of the office" responsibilities demanding more of our time and thoughts. I particularly liked Judy's second point in the article:
"Breathe: That’s it folks, but with a twist. We need reminders. I put a post-it with the word “Breathe” right on my computer screen. Here’s another suggestion, set an alarm for the top of the hour, when it strikes, three deep belly breathes, releasing slowly. Then hold out the last breath for a few seconds. You’ll be surprised how energizing it can be, while calming your nerves. This is the one elixir that can spark the speediest positive response to stress."
This is exactly what the BFE's EZAir Plus software does. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the software, EZAir Plus is a breath pacer that allows the user to place a linegraph or bargraph on their computer screen so that breathing can be paced optimally at 6 breaths per minute. Breathing slowly seems like such an easy thing to do, but when faced with deadlines, full email in-boxes and massive to-do-lists it becomes a real challenge to remember to do it!

 I think the nicest feature of the software is that it can be set up to pop up on screen once an hour for five minutes thereby providing the reminder that Judy mentions in her article. And when the software starts, most often you will see that you are breathing much faster than you think. A couple minutes following along with EZAir and your breathing returns to the optimal rate.

If you are not currently using the program, we invite you to try it free for 30-days. If you like it, you can purchase it for $19.95.
Click here to activate your trial.

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